Purchase process analysis

Faites vos jeux: efficient marketing management and controlling

"I know half my advertising isn't working, I just don't know which half" - Henry Ford II

Nothing much has changed today – progress in marketing and advertising research notwithstanding. Not infrequently, formal criteria (marketing budget as a fixed portion of turnover or value creation) mask a certain lack of direction when it comes to substance.

A client came to us with the simple questions: “How can I allocate my marketing budget so that I get an optimum return on investment?” “Where should I place the big chips and where the lower value ones?”

Together, we have developed a tool that realistically depicts the purchase decision process in his market, and which integrates the many different options. This gave rise to PPA – purchase process analysis. This tool unsparingly identifies the major and minor marketing levers and shows where too much has been invested to date. Making the legendary quote mentioned above a thing of the past.

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