Brand and Image Research

Strong Brands for Your Strong Success

The core feature of a brand is to serve the customer as an aid for orientation and decision-making. Strong brands offer security, engender confidence and stand for quality. Especially in the case of a large field of competitors it is indispensable to position a brand clearly in order to achieve a differentiation from competitors, which is also manifestly identifiable for the consumer.

Furthermore, the image of your company or brand influences the purchase decision. The image is the aggregation of all experiences, ideas, associations, expectations and emotions that are associated with your company or brand. It has a wide influence on how attractive your products are considered and whether a long-term customer loyalty succeeds.

Consilium surveys information about your image and the position of your brand in the competitive environment and provides you with relevant knowledge that can be used to control the perception and positioning of your brand and image.

The focus can be on following questions:

  • How well known is your brand to your target group and what is associated with it?
  • What is the credibility of your brand like – does your brand keeps its promise from the consumer's point of view?
  • Which image dimensions (quality, reliability, competence, innovative capacity, price-performance ratio, …) do your (potential) customers primarily assign to your brand and which to the competitors?
  • Does your brand succeed in communicating the desired additional benefit of your product line – which is to claim against the competition – to the consumers?
  • Are certain marketing activities consistent with the intended image?
  • How effective were prior decisions or will future activities be to make the desired influence on the image?

Depending on the objective of the analysis, quantitative surveys (especially to identify the brand awareness) or qualitative methods (especially depth interviews and group discussions, for example to uncover associations and analogies in relation to your brand) are used.

Optimize the positioning of your brand and benefit from Consiliums brand and image research!