Location analysis

Tipping the scales: making sound location decisions

Few industries have defied the virtual shopping trend in recent years as successfully as the DIY sector. The basis for this success is a customer base which values in-store expertise and the chance to physically touch the products.  But that is not enough: DIY stores have become shopping worlds for the whole family.

This makes it correspondingly complex to select locations for new stores. Consideration must be given to various elements. Whether regional purchasing power, transport connections, the availability of parking, or the local competitive environment – everything needs to be weighed in the balance. Making the wrong decisions can be extremely expensive. Even seemingly minor matters can tip the scales.

Together with our client, we have developed a location analysis tool: a tool which performs an in-depth probe of new locations. A business case is drawn up using the information from the individual analysis and our benchmark database, and the decision is made on whether to greenlight it or not.

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