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In our daily work commercial success is both the force that drives us and our goal. Always a little bit better, always a little more client-oriented, always that little bit faster. We thrive on competition and play to win.

But as we see it, success also entails obligations that go above and beyond commercial considerations: the obligation to take responsibility. Not in terms of business administration, but rather social responsibility.

In keeping with this, Consilium supports the following institutions:


Hochschule Pforzheim

(University of Pforzheim)

Department of Market and Communication Research
This university is one of the few to offer a course in Business Administration/Market Research and Communication Research.  This course uses well-founded theory, and case studies with private-sector clients, to prepare students for their future careers in market research in a targeted manner.



Darmstädter Tafel


Bismarckstrasse 100 is a fixed port of call every day for sixty to one hundred people. The “Tafel” (table) opens every day at 8.00 a.m. and lunch is served at noon on the 135-square-meter ground floor. People of all ages come here, and include the homeless, and many pensioners – with women now making up 30 per cent. The idea – which originated in the US – of using surplus food to feed the needy, has meanwhile mushroomed across 800 locations throughout Germany. Naturally, this also demonstrates that the state of social imbalance has worsened. The Tafel movement is the biggest civil movement in Germany. One million of the poor and needy are fed in this way.

Link: www.darmstä


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

(German Red Cross)

The cupboards, and the computers required for administrative and training activities at the DRK base in Biebesheim were all well past their prime. Now the Red Cross workers in Biebesheim have modern furnishings: the DRK reports that this was made possible by a donation from the Darmstadt company Consilium & Co GmbH. In addition, the youth and training room was kitted out with a large number of tables in mint condition. The DRK also received several computers to improve its IT fit-out, bringing it up to current standards. This was the second occasion on which the Darmstadt market research company made a contribution to the DRK.
Source: Ried Echo, Saturday, 28 April 2012