Advertising research

Guaranteed success of your campaign? We know how!

Advertising is the most important marketing tool. As a result of a growing competition and continuously increasing consumer demands, effective advertising campaigns are becoming more important for the success of your company.

Advertising research includes analysis of communication processes, effect functions, success monitorings and predictions of advertising. The aim is to improve the mentioned factors in order to be able to guarantee a successful campaign for your company and to avoid misinvestments.

As a market research company Consiliums advertising research focuses on the awareness of a campaign, the recognition of the advertising, the perception of the advertising message, the consumers acceptance (which is influenced by the advertising campaign) and the position of your company in the competition.

The following questions constitute the focus of our analysis:

  • Is your advertising perceived by the consumers? How high are awareness and recall in your target group?
  • Which advertising message is conveyed and understood by the consumers?
  • What effect does your advertising have on the brand, the sales and the own position in the competition?

In doing so, all possible kinds of formats (video, print, audio, online) can be analysed using qualitative methods – such as group discussions and guided interviews – and quantitative methods – such as online and telephone surveys.

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