Client opinions

Achim Neander

“Our corporation has been using Consilium for many years for market research purposes – for example, to conduct ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, or to produce mystery shopping studies or strategic analyses. They handle the channels of customer service, shops, Internet and direct sales in the private and corporate client segments. Apart from the high level of consultancy expertise, we are time and again impressed by the consistency of Consilium’s practised service mentality. If internal timings change or, for example, additional requirements become necessary, we can be sure that Consilium will respond with the greatest degree of flexibility to make the (almost) impossible possible for our corporation.”

Achim Neander,
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Max Mustermann

„As an agency for real estate marketing, we searched for a professional partner to support the design, execution and analysis of tenant surveys for premium office buildings. Consilium quickly convinced us with strong ideas and conceptual approaches. The two-stage approach of qualitative interviews and a following online survey with focus on the main issues led to very interesting insights for our project. With the information from the tenant survey, we could further improve our communication strategy with the asset management and investors. Consilium mastered all the special challenges highly professionally and with a great focus on the customer.”

Elisabeth Maria Kammermeier,
acre activ consult real estate

Max Mustermann

“We entered virgin territory in 2011 and conducted a mystery visitor campaign locally at the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Right from the outset, Consilium provided us with flexible and imaginative support in implementing the campaign. The consultancy scenarios in a public-sector organisation such as the Chamber of Commerce are different to those of a private-sector business. This was never a problem for the experts from Consilium. The success of the campaign and the findings we made proved to us that we had chosen the right partner.”

Christine Lutz,
Leiterin Geschäftsbereich Zentrale Dienste
IHK Wiesbaden

Michael Schmitt

“In our company, Consilium enjoys an excellent reputation. I can always communicate evaluations from Consilium directly to management. For many years we have been relying on Consilium’s market research expertise both for mystery shopping and for our regular customer surveys.”

Michael Schmitt,
Leiter Retailforschung,
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Max Mustermann

“We moved into new territory when we conducted a doctor and patient survey with Consilium. We had previously carried out the survey by ourselves, but this time we deliberately chose to work with an expert. Good service providers should always be problem solvers. Good service providers should always think with the client. Good service providers produce good work. We thank Consilium & Co for their outstanding contribution. The results of the survey strengthened us in our daily activities and pointed out the areas where we need to focus more in future.”

Heiko Depner,
Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation

Joerg Ermert

“We have been working with Consilium for almost 20 years now and have always been very satisfied. Consilium familiarised itself very quickly with our (then new) product area of mobile communications, and is highly pragmatic, fast, and nonetheless precise and reliable in day-to-day work. The presentation charts are not just dry numbers, but are presented in a target group-friendly way with clear, understandable results and action recommendations derived from them.”

Joerg Ermert,
Marktforscher BVM
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Max Mustermann

“We came across Consilium when we were looking for a new market research institute for a project. We were particularly impressed by Consilium’s flexibility. During every phase of the project there was always a contact person available to provide us with timely information regarding problems, and offer possible solutions. The chemistry between Consilium and our company was simply perfect.”

Sven Siemienowski,
Abteilungsleiter Marketing
VDI Wissensforum GmbH

Carolin Dahlem

“I have been working with Consilium since 2007. The contracted studies vary greatly – from completely standardised to studies that are highly complex in terms of both content and methodology. For this, we need a flexible organisation that is a master of both simple, technical issues as well as complex, statistical methods. The results are always clearly explained and presented in an understandable way. In addition, Consilium always listens, provides expert advice, and has a solution for all arising issues.”

Carolin Dahlem,
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Max Mustermann

“As a sales organisation without its own market research department in Germany, we require a reliable partner. Firstly, our partner must deliver the market research expertise that we don’t have in-house. What is important to us, is that our partner speaks our language and understands our industry. Most importantly, however, is that at the end of the day, the results are presented in such a way that we, as a company, can make a sound decision with regard to effective optimisations.
We have been placing our trust in Consilium for almost 20 years.”

Karin Grossmann,
till 2012 Head Customer Care and Telesales Deutschland/Österreich
CIBA VISION Vertriebs GmbH

Max Mustermann

“We have been working with Consilium since 2012 in the field of customer satisfaction surveys.  We greatly appreciate that Consilium works fast and flexibly when it comes to implementation, while in no way compromising thoroughness and precision. The results were presented in a target group-friendly and understandable way.”

Anja Schmidbauer,
Marketingreferentin Produkte / Mafo
Banque PSA Finance S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland