Product, Concept and Name Tests

Play it Safe: Evaluation of New Ideas by Consumers

In order to identify weaknesses of conceived products, services or names in a timely manner and to generate reliable knowledge about the opinions and needs of your (potential) customers, tests are indispensable.

A successful start at the market is more likely to succeed and the economic risks of introducing a new product or name can be reduced by taking advantage of the great potential of product, concept and name tests.


Perceive these tests as an early-warning system, which are able to show you which aspects should be revised already before the product launch or the conception stage. This proceeding saves time and money.

Typically, questions such as

  • What kind of product names, package designs or logos do my customers like the most, is the most modern, comprehensible and credible type or induces the most to buy? And why?
  • In which groups of people my products are the most popular? How big is the potential sales market?
  • What are the consumers’ expectations of the product? Where improvement is still required? What pleases them and what does not?
  • Which name suits best to the product or the company according to the intended effect?
  • Which product variation is from my (prospective) customers´ point of view the most convincing, easiest to handle, or has the highest novelty value compared to the competition?

can be answered with such tests. Namely optional on your predetermined target group of consumers – which are selected for the tests in advance – or on a population representative basis.

Depending on the current development stage of your idea or product and the objective of the tests, quantitative survey methods – such as online, telephone or point-of-sale surveys – or qualitative procedures – primarily guided interviews, group discussions, studio or home-use-tests – are used.

As a result of these tests, Consilium provides you with concrete recommendations for action and suggestions for the optimization of your product or name ideas.


Use product, concept and name tests to avoid uncertainties and risky (marketing) decisions without confirmed knowledge. We are always pleased to help your company in doing so!